The Blue Glittery Eye

🌀Eye Deets People:


🔷First I applied shadow to my crease and lid 🖌 using the Take Me Back To Brazil – 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette @BHcosmetics

🔷I used all 3 blue pigments from lightest to dark

🔹they all contain color additive Blue 1 Lake and Ultramarines (Both subject to FDA Certification)

🔹Not intended for use around immediate eye area.

🔵I made the pressed Glitter myself !!

🔹ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol 91%, Pure Glycerin, Glitter (cosmetic grade), Aloe

🔹3 parts alcohol + 2 parts glycerin + 1 part aloe + glitter

🔹Apply the glitter with your finger to the Eye Lid ( dabbing on the lid gently )

💎SHould I do a tutorial on how to make the pressed gliiter ?!💎

🔵 I bought the lashes last year from a Halloween Store 🎃

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