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With several collagen supplements flooding the market, its confusing when choosing which one may be right for you. When selecting a collagen supplement you want to make sure it’s a trusted brand and quality product. My approach when choosing any vitamin or supplement is to first make sure it passes my “Trust Test,” then I check at least two reputable sources for product reviews and literature.

My Collagen Checklist
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My “Trust Test”

My Top Sources for Product Reviews and/or Literature

Product Reveal

After doing my research, I decided to choose Vital Proteins: Collagen Peptides (Original). It meets my “Collagen Checklist” and passed the “Trust Test.” My favorite way to drink it is mixed with green tea in the morning and at night.

Good luck on your journey to the “Fountain of Youth!”

Dr. Adrianna Shardey, Pharm.D.   


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